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The Most Popular Orthodontic Treatments for Celebrities

The Most Popular Orthodontic Treatments for Celebrities

Nobody is born with a perfect smile, ask any famous person. Celebrities live on their image and therefore don’t hesitate to get treatments to show off beautiful teeth.

Although there are many problems related to oral health (misalignment, crossbite, crowding of teeth, cavities or enamel wear), according to Family Braces, orthodontists in Calgary, orthodontics is a decision that requires meditation since every treatment must be carried out for a considerable period of time.

And as it happens among the socialité, aesthetics is usually one of the main requirements for regular people as well, because no one likes to wear a device that worsens their appearance. For this reason, it is necessary to choose the option that best suits the needs of each one.

That is the reason we felt inspired to tell you about the 5 most popular orthodontic treatments you can use right now according to your priorities and requirements.

Let’s start with the most popular ones.

1. The trend of invisible orthodontics

The Most Popular Orthodontic Treatments for Celebrities

Currently, one of the ultimate solutions is invisible orthodontics. Like the conventional one, it is used to correct the malpositions of teeth and bones employing the application of selective forces on them.

Of course, the visibility of such treatment is minimal or simply non-existent. This makes it the ideal choice for those who want to continue having their denture without traditional metal brackets.

Modern Orthodontists carry out 2 techniques to which the term ‘invisible’ can be coined with similar properties:

● Hidden Braces. These consist of the placement of the brackets by the inner or lingual side of the teeth.
● Invisalign. Orthodontics with removable transparent plastic aligners.

These techniques are innovative in the treatment of dental malposition and offer the same guarantees as conventional treatments with metal braces.

The decision to use one or the other will depend on your goals and needs. While the first is described as “especially suitable for patients who have maximum aesthetic requirements,” the fixed metal structure be quite uncomfortable.

The Most Popular Orthodontic Treatments for Celebrities

In the case of Invisalign, it is “the equivalent of wearing a tailor-made suit,” as it is an individualized orthodontic system. The technique uses plastic splints or transparent removable aligners (with the latest 3D technology in Canada) that correct the position of the teeth and change as the treatment progresses.

As it has been reported by several publicity agencies, for every Orthodontist, the latter is setting the tone for the industry in the future, as those who use them – including celebrities on the red carpet – have the advantage of avoiding the pain of Metal brackets, keeping the tension and correcting effect. Also, Invisalign allows the teeth to be cleaned more efficiently after the plastic part is removed.

2. How to adapt the techniques to your budget?

The Most Popular Orthodontic Treatments for Celebrities

We know that the price of dental treatments most celebrities recur to are not available for everyone. But if you want to bet on treatments like the Invisalign, there are different offers and financing plans open for you.

Besides, there are infallible formulas to choose the best Orthodontist for the lowest price, such as:

a) No-surprises Policy: If you go to a braces clinic, you are guaranteed to enjoy transparent pricing policy, where you won’t be forced to pay any surprise fee or additional amount to those already stipulated in consultation.

To date and globally, patients (especially adults) who opt for Invisalign have reached 4 million, so you’ll see it is an available offer.

b) Guarantee of professionalism: The expert who treats you must be licensed in dentistry or medicine (stomatologist) and also be qualified with a master’s degree or postgraduate in alignment (orthodontics). Normally, you want to look for professionals licensed with the American Association of Orthodontists.

c) Perceive confidence: Patient treatment is a fundamental aspect of oral care. The Orthodontist must inform you and respond with interest and kindness to all your doubts until you feel relax and understand what must be carried out.

The Most Popular Orthodontic Treatments for Celebrities

You may ask yourself “And how do I distinguish a reliable clinic through via the Internet?” Easy. Be sure their offer is focused on a broad audience and not just the “elite” sector.

It must also have a presence in different networks -where positive ratings are shown – and a blog where they provide relevant information. And finally, look for a section or button that says “first free consultation” – this means the quality is high and they trust it.

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