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The Secret Rules of Tinder – How to Improve Your Score & Get More Matches

The Secret Rules of Tinder – How to Improve Your Score & Get More Matches

If you are looking to find a date for your or a companion to talk, hang out then what you mostly do? If you told me you search on social media or tell a friend to arrange a date for you, then my friend you are not going the right way. Nowadays, many dating apps are popular in the market. By using them you can easily find a date for you with no worries. No individual handwork. You need to check the profile, like or send them to hint if you like that individual.

One of the best dating apps is Tinder. The most used dating app throughout the world. There is no secret that Tinder uses an algorithm to show your profile in another individual’s feed and vice-versa. That means Tinder not only assign your profile in anyone feed just by your look. It also depends upon your behavioral activities too. Many of you might think, what if you don’t follow them? Well, if you don’t follow a proper behavior in Tinder, then Tinder might slow down your profile visibility. No wonder Tinder algorithms will shadowban your profile. You won’t get matches after all you did thousands of right swipe.

Tinder never told this game to anyone or mentioned the algorithm anywhere. But we did some research and found out some ways that can help you to keep yourself safe.

The Secret Rules of Tinder – How to Improve Your Score & Get More Matches

Don’t Spam Right Swipe

Many of Tinder users overuse right swipe, but they don’t know this one is the main factor for shadowban. Well, many sites are recommending you to do right swipe to get matches. But the real fact is entirely the opposite. This kind of overuse behavior is highly destructive for your Tinder profile.

Instead of doing a rapid right swipe, you can check the profile, bio, pictures and then if you like that individual swipe right or you can send super like a choice. If you maintain this kind of behavior, then no doubt Tinder also will shift you with a higher score.

Don’t Reset Your Account Too Often

Don’t even try to reset your Tinder account rapidly. If you are doing so, Tinder will punish your account as harsher. And if Tinder also detects you once, then there is no way to white paint your profile. If you haven’t got a match on Tinder than you can get a date from another site that you can find on

If you are not satisfied with the matches you get, better not to reset. You can do some white hat practices to grow your Tinder score organically.

The Secret Rules of Tinder – How to Improve Your Score & Get More Matches

Don’t be unattractive

If being attractive is considered as the rule number one, then this could be rule number two. Just putting a nice beautiful picture is not what you think attractive. That might be attractive, but you must consider building an excellent profile with kind words and photos too.

Before choosing an image check if that image represents you and not someone else. Don’t use any group or duo images. Words have more power than the face, for Tinder make some word phrase that can melt someone’s heart.


These are some hidden facts and tips to avoid Tinder also shadowban. Better to have patience and grow your Tinder matches organically. Keep these golden words with you. If you find this article helpful, then share it with your friends.

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14 Aug 2019, 11:10 AM
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