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Things that can help you grow your Instagram account

Things that can help you grow your Instagram account

Ever since Facebook completely changed all their policies for business, Instagram has become the new hub to gain visibility in the virtual world. From large global brands and even small family businesses, everyone is growing their Instagram account. It is reported that there are 500 million active users on Instagram every day in 2018. Out of these users, at least 85% follow one business account. So it is only natural that most marketers want to use that and make money off of their Instagram accounts.

However, for that to work, you will need to create a strong community of followers and fans. You need to get your audience engaged to get more views on your posts.

So how can you grow your Instagram followers? We have some tips that can help you get started.

Post unique and creative content

Things that can help you grow your Instagram account

There is no alternative to creative content. If your content is good, people are going to comment and like your posts. Instagram is all about amazing visuals. So make sure you include vivid, strong colors and frame your photos properly. Instead of just promoting and posting about your products, you should create stories about them. Airbnb does a good job of creating stories in their niche. They want people to discover cities around the world by staying with the locals. So to create interesting stories for their followers, they post short stories of the lives of their hosts from all around the world.

Their captions always talk about what sort of experience they can give to travelers. Along with this, they also show a lot of different travel destinations. They connect with their followers through these real-life stories. So users don’t feel like they are only used for their promotional content.

Grow your profile with Instagram Growth services

Things that can help you grow your Instagram account

Why buy likes on your every post when you can invest in an Instagram growth service to automatically get likes on your posts? These services can help you get real followers that will engage with your posts and stories. If you are interested you can always learn more about Instagram growth services.

Posting regularly

Things that can help you grow your Instagram account

In a 2018 study conducted by Tailwind, a visual marketing tool showed that consistent posting is vital to growing your Instagram fan base. They analyzed over 150,000 Instagram posts in a period of three months. The study found out that the accounts who posted more often saw an increase in engagement. Additionally, their follower numbers also increased considerably.

So keep in mind, that it is a great idea to post at least every day on your Instagram account. However, do not expect results right away, you must be patient.

Use the proper hashtags

Things that can help you grow your Instagram account

The purpose of hashtags is to reach out to an audience that is not following you. It is important to use the proper hashtags if you want to get noticed by the rights users. Specifically for events, you should try using different variations of the same term. These hashtags are usually trendings and everyone is searching for posts that are related to them. So make sure you do not miss out on this opportunity since it is a great way to gain followers.

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