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10 Popular Websites for Streaming TV Free of Charge

10 Popular Websites for Streaming TV Free of Charge

With the advancements in the computer and internet technology, one’s need to have a conventional TV with cable connection has reduced a lot. Today, live streaming platforms provide you all the amazing experience of TV anywhere & anytime by just having an internet connection and a smart device like a Smartphone, laptop or a tablet. These platforms offer different content with different terms and conditions. Popular platforms require certain registrations along with the regularly charged fee. Choosing platforms to stream TV (free of charge) requires keen observation and knowledge to enjoy the amazing experience as well as to protect from scams and infectious viruses. Keeping the essentials of enjoying affordable and high-quality TV, thorough research and evaluation of multiple live streaming websites have been carried out resulting in the following list.

1. Crackle

10 Popular Websites for Streaming TV Free of Charge

Crackle is an online entertainment platform which is admired by millions of people all around the world. Sony owns this showbiz center ensuring high quality and plenty of variety including popular movies & dramas. Their modern UI and customized search option enable a user to explore more content with free access anytime. It also has an excellent and easy to navigate interface which is the main reason for the increase in its users.

  • More than 150 full-length movies and above 50 TV series
  • HD quality
  • Free mobile app
  • Legal Access
  • Regular updates and notification to registered users

2. Tubi TV

10 Popular Websites for Streaming TV Free of Charge

Tubi is ranked among the leading live streaming platforms. It has raised its no of viewers and high position due to a constant supply of high quality and updated content. It contains a large database with attractive features which facilitates all kind of entertainment needs. It provides free and legal access by a simple registration for its users. Premium streaming quality enhances the streaming experience while saving you from hitches and lags. It offers diversely outlined categories like TV Dramas, TV Comedies, Reality TV and Crime TV.

    • Extensive collection of free TV shows and movies
    • Compatible with multiple devices like IOS, Android, Xbox etc.
    • Free Smartphone apps
  • User-friendly interface

3. Hyfy TV

10 Popular Websites for Streaming TV Free of Charge

If we talk about the most popular and frequent used live streaming websites, the name of Hyfy TV is always among them. It is a widely used platform across the globe for live TV streaming. Its special features provide epic content of all English and Hindi channels and enable local or regional channel streaming. You can find sports events, latest news, updated TV series episodes and newly released movies all on one page.

  • Multiple language and channel navigation Including Italian, Spanish, English, Arabic etc.
  • Categorization by genres
  • Local streaming
  • Easy Sign up

4. Retrovision

10 Popular Websites for Streaming TV Free of Charge

Retrovision is considered one of the best websites to have the largest collection of classic movies. It is indeed a treat for classic theatre lovers. Their indigenous database and thorough categorization make it a supreme platform for enjoying TV. One more plus point of this website is that it is being used under public domain so users can easily stream and download their favorite shows legally.

  • Free streaming and downloading
  • Vintage collection
  • No sign-up required and
  • Free Android and IOS apps

5. Pluto TV

10 Popular Websites for Streaming TV Free of Charge

Pluto TV is yet another favorite choice of TV enthusiasts. On-demand content and freedom to stream TV shows and movies any time makes it a user-friendly online platform. It offers multiple servers for flexible streaming experience. It provides updated and popular content regularly on a legal basis to its worthy subscribers. This makes it a reliable way to access your favorite show like sports, cartoons, news and TV series etc.

  • Multiple entertainment and news channels
  • Registration free access
  • Public domain streaming

6. Stream2Watch

10 Popular Websites for Streaming TV Free of Charge

Stream2watch is an extraordinary live TV platform with more than 35 different countries in its database. It means one can easily choose between the regions he wants. High quality video streaming provides an enriched experience for TV lovers. All of your favorite channels from multiple categories are well organized and can be accessed easily through simple navigation.

  • Legal streaming
  • Multiple Niches
  • Large variety of regional channels
  • Organized navigation

7. Popcornflix

10 Popular Websites for Streaming TV Free of Charge

Popcornflix is another legal platform for free TV streaming. It hosts a vast number of contents are hosted such as comedy, action, horror, action etc. It is a preferred choice of users of all ages. A large collection from 90’s era is also offered for the users to enjoy and recall their childhood memories.

  • Staff Pick feature
  • Neat quality with smooth streaming
  • Without Signup access to movies and TV shows
  • Free mobile apps (IOS & Android)


10 Popular Websites for Streaming TV Free of Charge

This website was designed for the American people living abroad. It offers great quality and a large variety of content in addition to recording and streaming the videos legally. It was solely designed for the armed forces individuals serving abroad but due to its amazing features, it became one of the most watched websites within America also. All American popular channels are made available on a single page.

  • Free video recording and streaming
  • Large no of channels
  • HQ quality
  • Free subscription

9. CW TV

10 Popular Websites for Streaming TV Free of Charge

It is amongst the most popular live streaming websites and contains high-quality content. It has multiple packages for its users including a free version. Its free version enables a user to watch a large variety of popular shows including arrow, flash, and friends. However, for the latest and updated content, one has to get paid subscription.

  • Paid subscription for premium packages
  • Watch High quality content for free
  • Huge Database of old programs

10. Streema

10 Popular Websites for Streaming TV Free of Charge

Streema is a powerful and popular reference website for TV & Radio channels and related content. Its special features include organized categorization concerning regions, languages, and genres. Therefore, it is suitable for users all across the globe.

  • Largest Collection of content
  • Region and language-based TV & Radio
  • Distinguished design of solo display for each channel

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