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Useful Tips For the Perfect First Date

Useful Tips For the Perfect First Date

Going out on a first date with a girl/guy you really like can be a nerve-wracking experience. The thought alone of asking someone out is scary enough, but for the date to actually happen; it’s even scarier.

When you’re on a first date, you need to show that you’re interesting enough to earn yourself a second date. This feeling is especially amplified if you really like this person.

As we said, first dates can be hard to take and even harder to plan, so because of that, we are going to give you a couple of useful tips for a perfect first date.

1. Choose the Right Place to go Out

Useful Tips For the Perfect First Date

Most dates involve two people who fairly know each other. But a lot of dates involve both persons who know very little about each other. This is very important in the case of you knowing absolutely nothing about the other person’s likings. It’s a great rule of thumb that the location of the date is key if you wish to have any future with this person. You have to choose the right location that will set the tone for the date itself. If you know nothing about her/his likings, then choose a neutral venue that is cool and low-pressure. If you happen to know her/his likings, then go for a place that best suits her/him.

2. Don’t Be Boring

According to, the reason first dates fail is only that someone is making boring conversations. You wouldn’t want that to be you so naturally, you would prepare for an engaging conversation. This can be fairly difficult as we live in a day and age where social anxiety is extremely common. People can be shy and situations like these can be extremely nerve-wracking. But luckily for you, multiple studies have been published on the subject of first date conversations.

Useful Tips For the Perfect First Date

According to studies, whenever on a date with a woman, never use cheesy pick-up lines because they feel outdated and cliché. As a matter of fact, women hate cheesy pick-up lines, so forget about them altogether. The perfect topic of conversation should be something that shows that you are a curious person who likes to listen, intelligent and cultured.

3. Go With the Right Mindset

It’s very useful to understand that there is nothing to fear about your first date. Yeah sure, first dates might feel as you’re burning internally, but in all fairness, you’re not. Having the right mentality is key for a successful first date. We’re not suggesting you shouldn’t care about the outcome, but keeping your cool is very important. It would go against you if you show that you’re not ready, or scared, or anything of the kind. If you go to your first date with the thoughts of defeat, you will most likely crumble and she will not be interested in another date. So that’s why it’s important to go into your first date with the right mentality, a winner’s mentality.

4. Learn From Your Mistakes

Useful Tips For the Perfect First Date

The best tips we can give you about your next first date is to take a look at previous similar encounters and learn from your mistakes. In the case of this being your first date, ever, then make sure to memorize everything in this article. But if you’ve had a couple of messy first dates where you didn’t really manage to hit it off, re-visit those first dates in your head and think of all the mistakes that you might’ve done. Try to pinpoint your flaws and try to move past them so that you don’t repeat them again. Learning from your mistakes is a lesson that can be applied to every part of your life.

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