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4 Frisky but Legit Ways of Making Money Online

4 Frisky but Legit Ways of Making Money Online

There are indeed frisky but completely legit ways of making money online these days that can work for anyone, including you. But first, let’s define “frisky” for those who might not know what it means. According to the, “Although commonly used sexually… frisky can also imply a lifestyle.

Someone who is frisky is apt to do anything, anywhere. Spontaneous and jolly in everything they do.” It’s also defined as “playful and full of energy”. That’s why it’s said that someone who is frisky is also one who is able to do anything, anywhere. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make money while still enjoying your “frisky” lifestyle?

Thankfully you can. And this article shows you few of the awesome ways you or anyone else can.

1. Become a Foot Model

4 Frisky but Legit Ways of Making Money Online

I was surprised when I learned of this frisky way of making money online. You simply take very good pictures of your foot and sell it to those who are interested online. You can even sell it to foot modelling agencies for big money. It involves learning all about how to take good care of your feet and how to find the right people buying.

I read all about this from an article on this site. It’s a really frisky way for those who want to showcase their beautiful feet and still get paid for it. It doesn’t involve anything sexual if you are not up to it.

2. Become a Dog Walker

4 Frisky but Legit Ways of Making Money Online

If you have spare time during working days, then this is a great way to get extra money fast. You don’t even have to go out of your way to find clients. There are now websites that will help you to get clients. One of the best ones is If you love dogs you will be thrilled to do this, and you earn money at the same time. Using Rover means that you there will be opportunities to perform other services such as pet sitting too.

Making $20 or more an hour walking dogs should be no problem at all. If you love dogs, then what better way to earn extra money? You can even meet up and make friends with others while dog walking. And of course it also helps you stay fit, on a daily basis.

3. Sign Up to Instacart and Deliver Groceries

4 Frisky but Legit Ways of Making Money Online

More and more people are paying to have their groceries and other shopping items delivered to their door. You can be one of them. When you sign up to you take this a step further and do the actual shopping as well. Your pay rate depends on order sizes and the miles you have to drive to shop and deliver.

A lot of people signed up to Instacart are earning around $15 an hour. Some customers will tip you directly to so there is more cash for you. A lot of people use Instacart so get signed up now for fast money.

4. Sell stuff you don’t want anymore

4 Frisky but Legit Ways of Making Money Online

Most people have a lot of stuff that they don’t want anymore. So why not sell it to get money now? You could go for a traditional yard or garage sale but the trouble with these is that people want everything for very little. If you have items of value then it is better that you sell them on an auction site such as

Make sure that the item for sale is clean and presentable. Take a few pictures of it with your smartphone camera or high quality digital camera. You need good pictures to get fast sales.

Then you can add a new listing to eBay and provide a description of what you are selling. You have the option of running an option or asking for a specific price under “buy it now”.

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