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E-Signatures: Effortless, Effective,And Efficient For Your Organization

E-Signatures: Effortless, Effective,And Efficient For Your Organization

E-signatures are the modern-day way of signing documents. With so much digital content being shared every day, it’s no longer efficient (or even sometimes possible) to put an ink signature to a piece of paper. That’s where e-signatures are the answer. They are effortless, effective and efficient, and in this post, we’ll take a look at some benefits of implementing the e-signature into your business and using it on a regular basis.

E-Signatures Will Save You Time

Time is something we can never get back, so the more time we can save, the better. Getting customers or staff to sign with an e-signature definitely saves time. Without the option of this digitally created signature, even if you’re sending digital documents via email if you have to wait for them to be printed, signed with a pen, scanned and sent back to you, that consumes a lot of extra time in the modern world.

Turnaround time with e-signatures is extremely fast and efficient. Along with that, the less time your staff is tied up with sending out documents and chasing up signatures, the more time they’ll have in their day to complete other tasks, so you are also getting more productivity for your money.

E-Signatures: Effortless, Effective,And Efficient For Your Organization

Document Flow Becomes More Automated

While not completely on automation, with e-signatures automated document flow between people is close. Productivity was mentioned above, and the rhythm of the office definitely flows more smoothly the more automated your processes become. Tasks become less repetitive and boring, and this leads to an increase in staff efficiency due to more stimulation by performing more interesting tasks. Your staff are the backbone of your company, so the happier they are, the better it will be for business.

Signing Documents With E-Signatures Saves Money 

The money savings happen on a number of levels. For starters, with digital documents, there’s no paper being used. Sending documents electronically means no envelopes and no postage stamps, as well as no trips to the post office or mailbox. There’s no printing and no ink consumption either.

Also, because e-signature solutions like Lightico save time, that means staff is spending less time on the document process. It was said earlier that staff will be more efficient, and you’ll actually get more productivity out of their time spent at work because they’re no longer wasting time on repetitive tasks.

E-Signatures: Effortless, Effective,And Efficient For Your Organization

Make Life Easier For Your Customers

Whatever you can implement to make life easier for your customers can only have positive results for your business. If you can streamline your interaction with your customers, the more likely they will remain a loyal customer.

Give all of your customers and suppliers the opportunity to sign electronic documents with an e-signature, as it saves them time and money as well.

Customer satisfaction is essential for business longevity and survival.

Electronic Documents and E-Signatures Are Secure

Paper documents can get lost at work, lost in the mail, burn up in a fire and are not as easy to reproduce. They can also suffer damage. We’ve already talked about how working with paper documents costs more and is a slower process, but using paper is also riskier. For starters, when you send off paper documents to be signed, there’s no record of when or where the documents do receive a signature, or even if the signature comes from the intended person.

It’s a totally different world with electronic documents and signatures signed with the aid of digital technology. Not only is everything sped up, but there is a record of the transaction, as well as both the documents and the signatures being more secure. E-signatures and electronic documents can be encrypted to protect them, and that’s something you can’t do with ink and paper.

E-Signatures: Effortless, Effective,And Efficient For Your Organization

You’ll Be Doing Your Bit To Help Save the Planet

When you focus more on electronic documents and using e-signatures, far less paper will be used in your business, so you’ll be able to proudly say your company is playing its part in helping the environment.

And that’s good for your brand.

The Takeaway 

Why wait a moment longer? E-signatures are both the now and the future of signing documents as the digital age continues to grow, expand and evolve. There are just too many advantages not to get on board and regularly use e-signatures for your company.

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